Hey, guys! I’m going to be being totally honest with you and say that I wasn’t 100% sure what I wanted to write for this week’s blog. Usually, I’m so on top of my posts, having them all planned out months in advance. But, with everything that’s gone on in the world lately, I haven’t felt like writing much. So this week I decided I’d share some things that have been making me happy lately, and have got me all geared up for some good old fashion summer fun!

Isle of Paradise Tanning Drops. These are a new product for me but, wow, they are a game-changer. GOODBYE pasty white winter skin, HELLO summer glow! Add a few drops to your moisturizer at night and you wake up with a glowy tanned face. I bought the shade medium but they also come in light and dark!

Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask. I am not a tan of overpriced skincare products, let me tell you, but I could not resist this beautiful baby blue tube of hydrating goodness. I use it as an overnight hydration mask once a week and it just makes me feel so relaxed and refreshed.

‘Urban Outfitters’ Oversized T’s. There are so many to choose from, but this is the one I purchased recently and I have been living in it!! Oversized T’s are so comfy and versatile, if you don’t have one in your closet, you seriously need one.

‘Aritzia’ Biker Shorts. I was hesitant to jump on the biker short trend thinking they wouldn’t suit me, but I caved when I saw all of the adorable colours Artizia had in store. These are another thing, that if you don’t have them in your closet yet, you have to go get yourself a pair.

‘Princess Polly’ Ray-Ban Dupes. I’ve had these bad boys for a while now and they are still one of my favourite purchases ever. They look so similar to Ray-Bans, but are nowhere near the price!! They also come in this style, which I think I need to buy next.

Beach Reads. If you read my blog of ‘Quarantine Essentials‘, you would have seen that these books were on my summer reading list. Well, I recently finished reading both of them, and I just had to re-recommend them; In Five Years, by Rebecca Serle, and The Other Woman, by Sandie Jones.

Swimwear. There are two places that I am loving swimwear from this season: H&M for their incredibly affordable and super cute sets, and Dippin’ Daisy’s because they have the best high-waisted bikinis and their new summer line is adorable!

‘Indigo’ Beach Towels. Who would have thought right? But I was in Chapters the other day and they had me swooning over all their beach-bound items!

Happy summer loves! & Happy Canada Day to all my fellow Canadians out there!


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