This week is my one year blogiversary, I cannot believe it!

First of all, I want to say THANK YOU for all the support the past year and just for being here. This time last year I was so nervous to launch my first post, but ever since I did, I have not looked back.

To celebrate one year, I thought I would reflect on some things I have learned, as well as answer a few of your blog-related questions that you asked on my Instagram story last week.

“What gave you the confidence to start your blog?”

Starting my blog was the most spontaneous thing I have ever done. I’ve always cared about ‘aesthetic’, loved taking pictures, and my friends would often come to me for date ideas. I started thinking about launching a blog to have a place where could I compile all of my ideas. Then I wrote down a list of blogs that I thought I could write, and the list was long enough to fill a year’s worth of blogging. I consulted my friends and family to see if I should really do it, and there was no hesitation. So I bought a domain, set up my website, and wrote my first post, all within about a week’s time!

1. I learned that… balancing blogging and full-time school can be hard. School has always been my number one priority, but I do love having my blog as a creative outlet. I’ve just had to remind myself in the busy times that my blog is not an obligation, but something I do for myself, and for you guys, and the time management comes naturally.

“How did you commit to it?”

Whenever I set my mind to something, I commit 110%. I love blogging and I was excited to start something new, so the commitment came easy! If you’re thinking about starting something up that you’re interested in, stop hesitating, just go for it.

2. I learned that… the toughest part about keeping up with my blog is shooting content. I basically live in athleisure because of my university degree, and it rains most of the time in Vancouver; the two just don’t make for a very cute Instagram feed if I’m being honest.

3. I learned that… I could really do it! I am proud to say that I kept up with my promise of posting a blog every Wednesday in the summer when I first started, and every other Wednesday during the school year.

4. I learned that… my favourite blogs to write are either my ‘date ideas’ series or any of my ‘health’ posts where I get to tie in a bit of school. I have always loved planning dates and my biggest passions are health, the human body, and helping others, so I feel extremely lucky that I have an outlet that allows me to talk about all of these things.

“What blog post will always have a special place in your heart?”

My birthday post: 20 Things I Learned in Year 20. It was so fun to reflect on my year to put that one together, and a lot of you really enjoyed that post too!

5. I learned that… my favourite part about this whole experience has been the connections I’ve made. It has made social media a much more meaningful place for me and I love having a platform to share my thoughts and ideas with all of you!

Now I want to know what YOU want to see more of on my blog in the upcoming year. Leave a comment here, or go vote on my Instagram story!

Thanks for following along, xx.


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