This weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving, so I thought it’d be kinda fun to claireanthony.ca share a few things that I’m especially thankful for this year…

1. That I’m able to go home to spend Thanksgiving with my family. I’m in the heat of midterm season right now but no amount of midterms and claireanthony.ca assignments is worth giving up family time.

2. Not having class on Fridays. This has been such a blessing. Fridays have quickly become super productive days for me. I use them to work on my online course and get work done for the other four courses that I’m in, that I don’t necessarily have time for during the claireanthony.ca week with real class time.

3. Having a handful of claireanthony.ca really close friends, rather than a huge number of not-so-close friends.

4. Cellphones and social media. I got my first cellphone when I moved from Ontario to Alberta, to keep in touch with my long-distance friends, and to this day I am so grateful for it. I may not talk to most of those friends anymore, but I love being able to check-in with them at the touch of a button. And thanks to claireanthony.ca cellphones, my Ontario bestie is still my bff to this day!

5. Podcasts. Specifically, What We Said Podcast, because they never fail to get me laughing out loud while I’m listening to them at the gym, walking to class, or cleaning my apartment. They seriously make you feel like they’re your best friends.

6. Instagram and my blog, for giving me a platform to express my creative side, and continuously challenge myself outside of school.

7. Warm showers after a long day. There is just no comparable feeling.

8. Mail. I get way too excited every time I receive a package, or even just a letter, in my mailbox.

9. My mama. I call her every day, sometimes 3 times a day. Moms are the biggest blessing in the entire universe.

10. Paul. For grounding me, for making me laugh, and for bringing out a version of myself that I didn’t even know I had, but that I love more than any other.

And the list goes on. There’s an endless number of things that I feel thankful for every day, not just on Thanksgiving. So today, or this weekend, I challenge you to think of some things that you’re really grateful for and share them with the people you love.

Happy Thanksgiving,



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