Here’s something that you may not know about me: I get WAY too into birthdays. I love planning, I love decorating, I love giving, and I love more than anything, making my loved ones feel extra special on their special day.

So as I’m sure you saw on my Instagram, last Thursday, September 5th, was Paul’s birthday, and I gave it my all. This week, I wanted to

Since Thursdays are school days for us, I got up early while Paul was in his first class, and I made him his birthday breakfast of choice. Ever since Jam Cafe opened its doors close to campus, Paul has been hooked on their Charlie Bowl, so I decided to DIY his favourite dish, and it turned out to be a success (or so he says!)

After my own classes, I went on to finished the set up that I had started the night before for Paul’s surprise dinner party…

I ordered this balloon arch off Amazon, and although time-consuming to assemble, the kit made it super easy to put together!
I also ordered this letter balloon sign off of Amazon and it fit out taco dinner party theme perfectly!

I told Paul I would pick him up from his “birthday dinner” at 6, and “on our way” I told him that we had to" title=""> run by my brother’s apartment to grab a gift that was left there by my parents. My fib worked flawlessly, and Paul had 10 of our close friends waiting for him inside.

Fast forward to the next evening, after another day of classes, Paul got his real birthday dinner, in a cute new birthday shirt.

At dinner, I gave Paul a card with two tickets for a Seaplane to Nanaimo, on Vancouver Island, for a mini adventure getaway. Paul had never been on a seaplane and hadn’t been to Nanaimo in years, so I thought it would be a fun little escape to celebrate him!

We flew to Nanaimo at 9:45 am, and we immediately went to rent a sea kayak when we landed.

After an hour of paddling around Departure Bay, we returned our kayak and walked downtown for lunch.

Paul’s only request was Fish and Chips, so we decided on a cute little place with a view of the Harbour.

After lunch, we slowly made our way back to the Seaplane Terminal, browsing a farmers market, and grabbing a coffee along the way. Then at 4 pm, we flew back to Vancouver.

We wrapped up the weekend by doing one of our favourite things, making dinner together at home, and cozying up to a movie with a glass of wine. And that brought us to the end of Paul’s birthday weekend! Thursday morning through Saturday night.

I’m literally already looking forward to next September 5th (even more so than my own 21st birthday), because I just love birthday planning that much!


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