This week I’m in my home town, St. John’s Newfoundland, a place that’s very near and dear to my heart.

I’ve seen a few bloggers share 12 random thoughts/things recently through their blogs, so I thought this would be the perfect time to get a little more personal on my own blog and share 12 things that’ll help you get to know me just a bit better!

1. I will always consider Newfoundland my home, despite the fact that I only lived here for the first 6 months of my life!

2. I was born in St. John’s and that’s where pretty much all of my (very large) family still lives. Most times when we visit though, we will spend a week in the city and then a week in Terra Nova, a small country town where my grandpa has a cabin.

3. This must be my 19th or 20th time traveling here. Growing up we used to visit Newfoundland at least once a year, but ever since my brothers and I moved away for University and have started working full-time jobs in the summers, we haven’t been able to visit as much. So now, it’s been almost two years since we were last here.

4. We wouldn’t have made the trip again this year, but my Poppy, my dad’s dad, passed away last month and we’re here to celebrate his life and spend time with our family in his home!

5. This is our first time staying in an Airbnb, or anywhere that’s not a family home in Newfoundland, but we wanted to stay with my dad’s sister and family who are also from out of province.

6. My favourite part of Newfoundland is the Jelly Bean Row houses. It’s so typical, but all the colours just make me so happy. I’m extremely jealous of the people who get to come home to a bright pastel house every day!

7. On Monday we went on a whale-watching boat tour and we got to see a mamma and baby whale playing around in the water just a few feet away from our boat!

8. Today (Wednesday) we are hiking up Signal Hill, a St. John’s national historic site. I’ve been to Signal Hill a number of times but this is the first time I’ve done the hike, so that’s something I’ve been looking forward to!

9. Later on in the week, we’re hoping to get in a beach day, but beach days here are not your typical beach days. Newfoundland may be surrounded by water but the beaches are all rock and the water is the freezing cold North Atlantic Ocean. When we say “beach day”, we mean bundling up in hoodies and packing a picnic to eat on top of layers and layer of blankets.

10. We’re also planning to go to Ferryland Lighthouse, one of many, many lighthouses in Newfoundland.

11. Now, if you’re ever visiting and looking for a good fish & chips place (a Newfie special), Chafe’s Landing is your place. Located in the cutest little fishing town, Petty Harbour, and serving up the best fish & chips you’ve ever had.

12. Last but not least, and unrelated to Newfoundland, I’ve been working on perfecting my absolute favourite cookie recipe back in Calgary, so stay tuned for that blog in a few weeks!

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed the little insight into my life and my family!


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