Paul’s family owns a cabin in Lake Country in Kelowna, right on Lake Okanagan, and this past weekend we drove up to meet his family and four of our really good friends from University to celebrate the Canada Day long weekend.

Just like my Weekend in LA blog, I wanted to share some of the highlights of this trip and a few extra pictures on the blog:


Paul and I were the first to arrive, so we used Friday morning to get the cabin all set up for our friends, then we just relaxed by the lake while we waited for everyone else to show up!

Once the gang was all together we spent the rest of the day playing card games and catching up on the past two months since we’d last seen each other.


Our first official lake day! Saturday we literally just suntanned on the dock and played games on the beach from sunrise to sunset.


Sunday was a hot one! With the temperature in the high 20’s and not a cloud in the sky, we spent another full day on the dock suntanning, or on the boat tubing and water skiing.

To cool off the afternoon, we brought out some homemade *popsicles*, perfect for summer!

*Margarita & Hard Lemonade flavoured popsicles *

And just like that, Sunday night, Nika and Taylor had to head back to Vancouver, leaving just Paul, Chris, Sav and I for the rest of the weekend.


Monday, July 1st, was Canada Day and to celebrate our beautiful Country the four of us ventured into downtown Kelowna to hike Knox Mountain.

The quick but exhausting climb brought us to some beautiful scenic views of both the city and the lake – such a great way to start the morning and get to see more of Kelowna!

Following our hike in 29 degrees Celsius heat, we hit up Parlour Ice Cream for a refreshing treat.

We then spent the rest of the afternoon by the water before dressing up in our Canada Day gear for the evening!


Before we knew it, Tuesday morning brought the long weekend to a close and the four of us packed up our cars and went our separate ways to head home. But what a fun weekend we had!

What kind of fun things did you do for Canada Day?


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