Two years ago, going into my second year of university, I moved into the perfectly minimal, completely unfurnished, yet incredibly full-of-potential apartment.

I’ve spent the past couple years, with some help from my roommates, to turn our empty three-bedroom into what we now call our home.

So, for this week’s blog, I wanted to share with you some of the things we did that can easily be done to any apartment to make it feel more like home.

Choose a Colour Scheme

Consistency is so key in my opinion. A colour scheme can tie all your spaces together and make everything look like it belongs!

To keep things minimal, we decided to make our colours fairly neutral and go for earthy grey and green tones to act as accents against our white walls and wood stained cupboards.

Get Plants

Plants may not belong inside, but there’s something about indoor plants that really give your apartment life. (Speaking from experience, since we have at least 6 plants in our 1,067 SF apartment.)

Add Your Own Touches

Adding personal touches is arguably the most important step in building a home. Your apartment should reflect you, and whoever you live with!

Our living room mural, for example, is made up of questionable, yet characteristic, and entirely random, yet relevant pieces that are all conversation starters, and all help make our apartment our apartment.


We have an open concept living room/kitchen, and for the longest time we had the couch up against the wall facing into the kitchen. It wasn’t until we rotated the couch and sectioned off the living room from the entrance and the kitchen, that the space really started to come together.

If you have a small, open concept apartment, give sectioning a try and see if it brings more structure to your place like it did for ours!

Don’t Neglect Spaces

It is so easy to forget about the ‘less important’ parts of your apartment, like that random nook or corner that doesn’t really serve a purpose, the laundry room if you have one, or, the much-neglected bathroom.

I’ve found that giving these spaces a little bit of attention can actually go a long way in pulling your little home together.

Simply adding some more of your own touches to these spots allows you to feel at home no matter where you are in your apartment!

Focus On Your Entrance

Speaking of neglected spaces… your entrance way is another place that can be easy to forget about if you only pass through it a couple of times a day, but believe me when I say it can make a surprising difference to walk through a well thought out entrance!

Make Your Room Your Own

Having roommates, or being tight on spending cash, can make decorating tough. If that’s the case, focus on a small space. Your room is the one place that you can truly make your own, so take advantage of that!

I chose to follow the same colour scheme as the rest of my apartment to keep things consistent and minimalistic, as I do.

Recently, however, I’ve added a mood board over my desk and let me tell you, I’m loving it! Basically, my own physical Pinterest board that keeps me inspired and wakes me up with a smile every morning.

That’s it from me! If you’ve got any of your own tips, I’d love to hear them so leave a comment down below!

And if you’re curious, essentially everything in our apartment is from IKEA, DIY-ed or from local Vancouver shops!


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